Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | January 12, 2009

How to quiet them down…

I learned a great trick from my mom and sisters. Sometimes kids can get excited about life, have you noticed? Anyway, when children get rowdy, and you just need them to quiet down, there is a trick you can use to help calm them down. I have never seen this strategy fail, and I’ve seen it used often.

In the same room as the rowdy children, get out a children’s book, sit down somewhere comfy, and begin to read, out loud. You don’t need to announce the reading time with, “Quiet down, and I’ll read to you!”. Just start to read out loud, and they’ll notice. Pretty soon there will be little hands and feet climbing up on the couch next to you to hear the story.

Children love to be read to, even after they are old enough to read on their own. And when you are reading something they like to hear about, they will quiet down and give you back some peaceful time.


  1. Great first post!

  2. Does this work with adults too? Because I work (and have worked) with some pretty rowdy people.

    • Now, I’ve never tried it at work…why don’t you let me know how that goes for you JV…I think Bob likes to read.

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