Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | January 27, 2009

Artistic inspiration

A fun idea that I learned from my sister is a way to use your child’s artistic talents to brighten and decorate your home. 

If you have budding artists in your home, you can display their artwork in frames and decorate your house with beautiful pictures at the same time.

Your child can see that you value his or her talent, and you can add beauty to your décor.  

Below are links to some examples:


  1. Great idea! Love the pics!!

  2. Wonderful way to make your children feel really special and appreciated!!

  3. Another way to display–paint frames fun colors and hang (with no glass). Then tack in the “every day ” pics that come home from the little ones inside the frame each day or week. They see the value & may also work harder since they know it will go in the special frame & then you don’t have to add & add all over your wall or fridge–they just replace each other.

    Also fun to put drawings/paintings/writing on a window, to create a “stained glass” effect. Can also be done with multiple color post-its filled with:
    1) accomplishments
    2) things to do on vacation
    3) goals
    4) reminders
    5) ways to say “I love you!”
    6) others?

    • This is a really fun idea of something to do as a family…maybe on a snow day when you’re stuck inside. Thanks Jonathan!

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