Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | February 23, 2009

Slip free zone

Dogs can be a riot. And some of the stories about dogs I’ve owned over the years have made me laugh so hard that I cry. This is one of them.

Recently, we put in a new floor that connected our back door through the kitchen. Previously, the area had been covered with a rug. We replaced the rug with a laminate wood floor. No problem, right? Well, that’s not what our dog thought. He had a terrible time. His feet would skid and slide on the floor, and he wouldn’t go near it. This was a problem, however, because he needed to go on that new floor for two critical reasons…it lead to the door outside, and it lead to his food and water bowl.

I tried to gently help him walk over the floor, tempt him over the floor for treats, but he wouldn’t go for it. It would have been amusing to see us as we tried to get him across that floor…but we didn’t get a chance to videotape this adventure with him.

What finally worked? I found some old slip-free socks, and put them on my dog’s feet. All of a sudden he could walk all around on the hard floor and not slide at all! It worked! And once we had convinced him that he could walk on the floor, I took off the socks and he is now a pro at walking to the door to go out and to his food and water bowls. Phew! It took a while, but we got there!

Sometimes it seems like people need reassurance like my dog needed those slip-free socks. We think we can’t do something, we slip those socks on, and soon we’re pros. Learning a hard math problem, becoming good at a sport, speaking in front of a group; all of those scary things that we learn through trial and error.

Isn’t it nice to know that even when we slip as we learn, God is with us? He loves us when we’re falling, and when we land hard, and He loves us when we slide across the room with grace and style. What a blessing to know He loves us constantly, even when we don’t love ourselves. “For God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son so that anyone who believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16


  1. Part of this article reminded me of having to put “footsies” on our little poodle so his feet wouldn’t freeze (during our Niagara-winters) when it was time for his performing outdoor duties! Our poodle is now a month shy of 16 and we are facing end of life issues. Thanks for sharing this one—-it brought back that memory. Our dogs are so filled with love—it seems like they come into this world already knowing how to love unconditionally.

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