Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | March 13, 2009

Value of library classes and visits

Libraries offer free classes for children, often from the age of 18 months up. I enjoyed taking my children to these from the time that they were very small. It gave them an early love of books and stories.

Now that they are no longer attending the classes, we still have a tradition of going to the library once a week to get books and videos, as well as spending time on the kids’ computer programs.  Our library also occasionally offers programs that are geared toward older children, and we sometimes can make those.

At the library, I like helping my kids choose videos so that we can be sure they are watching programs that we approve.  They get a chance to choose some of the items we bring home, and when I have to tell them “no” about a movie, I can talk to them about why we don’t watch that particular show.   One time I remember my youngest asking me, “Mom, is that movie rated ‘G’?”  Next to me a woman started to giggle at his question.  “He knows what he is allowed to watch, doesn’t he?” she asked.

We find books that are new every week, and these books are a wonderful way for us to spend time reading together back at home.

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