Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | April 13, 2009

Ways to discover God’s creation

So many of the lessons we teach our children are lessons through action and time together. A delightful way to look at the natural world around us is through the eyes of children. Watching a child discover something for the first time is so refreshing, and often reminds an adult about what they loved about the world as a child. I can remember my youngest yelling, “Weeeeeeee” as we drove over hills, and delighted was what he was with God’s creation in those moments. Some ideas on things you can do to discover (and rediscover) God’s creations with your children are:

  • Play with water…inside the house or outside, either way water is an amazing and playful delight. In warm weather, take some large bowls outside, fill them with water, and give your kids a pitcher to pour more water, and small plastic cups to play with. Use this play time to talk about all of the things we can do with the water God gives us.
  • Go for a “discovery walk”. In the fall, look for as many different leaves as you can and talk about God’s creativity. In the spring, search for signs of new life and share about how God creates all life. In the winter, dig through snow to find what is underneath, and teach about the animals God created who hibernate in winter. In summer, stop and talk about the different flowers that God created for us to love, or watch ants and talk about how “big” God is and how tiny we are.
  • Bring a bowl of snow inside and play with it in a sink. Watch it melt and talk about how cool it is that God made snow, rain, hail, water, mist, etc.
  • Take some plastic toys outside with a big bowl of water and let your kids “wash” their toys. Children love to feel like they are great helpers, and this is a fun way to let them help. I can still remember the first time my children gave their toy riding tractor it’s first “car wash”. They spent an hour working on it!
  • Play with bubbles with your children, and have them look for the light God makes in the sky as it reflects on the bubbles. Talk about bubbles and how fragile they are, and then talk about how fragile we are as humans and how we need to depend on the Lord for guidance.
  • As you drive places, talk about the parts of the world that you love…fluffy clouds on a sunny day, long fields full of corn stalks…and how God created it all for us to enjoy. “O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!” Psalm 118:1

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