Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | May 25, 2009

Vacation tips

My sister told me about some things she did that were good and fun ideas for when you take your kids on vacation:

#1 Before they left for vacation, she made a visit to the Family Dollar and found some inexpensive, but fun toys and activities for her kids. Then, each morning when the kids woke up, they found one of those items as a surprise at the foot of their beds. One year when they visited Disney, my sister was able to find Disney coloring books and Disney toys to give her children when they woke up.

#2 She also packed some glow sticks for the trip. Each night the children were given a glow stick to wear during the evening for fun, and then at night the glow stick was placed by their bed to work as a nightlight in the hotel room. You can find packs of about 12 glow sticks for about $1 at places like the Dollar Tree.

#3 For vacations where the kids would be doing a lot of walking, they each carried their own hip or fanny packs. Each pack would hold things like: a small juice box, a snack, hand wipes, mini flashlights for the theme park rides that got dark or felt scary (works especially well for a preschooler), etc.

#4 Get a bracelet or anklet made of beads or with information engraved on it for each child to wear. You can put your cell phone # on it, or other information for the child for emergencies.

What vacation tips do you have to share?



  1. These are great, Cahti!

  2. OK, I just thought of one…maybe pick a Bible verse that could be a theme for your vacation, like “So that by God’s will I may come to you with joy and be refreshed in your company.” -Romans 15:32. You could put it on cards and say it together at night and say how God is helping you be refreshed together.

    • Great idea Sue! Keep them coming!

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