Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | June 1, 2009

Big worries, Small blessings

One evening, while my kids were attending an event at a local church, the fire alarm went off. After the alarm went off, I waited by the front door as the age appropriate groups that my children were with began leaving the building.

The alarm was really loud, and you could see that the littlest children especially were overwhelmed by the noise.

As this was happening, my mind raced with these quetions:

  • Where are my kids?
  • Are my kids okay?
  • Is there really a fire?

I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw my kids, and when my youngest appeared at the door, he saw me and put his arms around me.

I could see that he was upset, and I assumed that he was scared by the alarm noise or the sudden need to leave the room he’d been in. But then he told me that he had had to leave his sneakers in the bounce house they’d been playing in.

“They’re my favorite shoes,” he said as he cuddled in close to me.

His words set a whole new perspective for me…his perspective. From my adult perspective, his shoes had seemed insignificant. But to him, they were his favorite shoes, and they were important in that moment.

Happily, we returned later after the firefighters had determined that there was no fire, and we were able to get his shoes.

Many thoughts came to me that evening, mainly thoughts of thanksgiving:

  • I’m so glad that I was just upstairs and able to be there for the kids when this happened.
  • I’m so glad that there was no fire, and that everyone was okay.
  • I’m so glad I found my kids quickly.
  • I’m so glad the weather was unseasonably warm as we stood outside for a long time in late winter with no coats.
  • I’m so glad that the rain didn’t start to fall until after we were back in the building, rather than while we were outside.

I also thought about the difference in my perspective from my child’s about his shoes. Even thought I knew that in the big picture, his shoes were insignificant, I also understood his concerns. Losing his favorite sneakers were a real concern to my son, and because I love him, his concerns meant something to me.

I wonder if that is the way it works with our Heavenly Father?

Because God loves us so much, our concerns must be important to Him. When we pray, He is listening. In the big picture of life, I might pray about something small and insignificant, but because God loves me, He still hears my prayer.

Even though I am an adult, I am still a child of God. I am so thankful that God listens to my prayers, whether they are big or small.


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