Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | July 9, 2009

Phonics and letters practice for summer

Now that summer is upon us, here are some fun ways to practice Phonics/Letters with your children over the summer:

  • Put whipped cream on a cookie sheet and let your kids practice writing letters with their fingers on the cookie sheet. It is a fun and yummy activity all in one!
  • Make pizza dough. Then have your child help you form the pizza dough into letters and them bake them on a cookie sheet.
  • Go outside with your kids and use chalk to write letters on the sidewalk/driveway.
  • Make jello jigglers in the shapes of letters. Practice saying the letters together as you eat them.

What are some other ideas you have?



  1. My 4-year old was licking his fingers and writing on my car window 😐 Does that count?

    I remember being in the car as a kid and playing alphabet games. Makes the time go by on long trips without the DVD player!! You start with the letter “A” and can play one of two ways (that I remember):

    1) You look for a road sign that contains that letter – lots of fun when you get to “Q” 🙂

    2) You look for an object on or near that road that starts with the letter you are on.

    • Yes…I remember that game…great reminder!

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