Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | July 30, 2009

Teaching responsibility

My son walked over to me and tugged on my arm.

“Mom, can you come see something?” he asked.

I followed my son over to a table where he had been sitting and he pointed at a small puddle of spilled juice on the table.

“I spilled my juice,” he said.

“No problem,” I said, “I have a napkin.”

After the spill was cleaned up, I remembered that this was a great learning opportunity for my son. I leaned over to his ear and said, “Thank you for telling me about the spill. That was very responsible of you.”

Affirmation can be an excellent tool for teaching your child.

From the words, “Thank you…that was very responsible of you,” my son could learn:

  • What the word responsibility means,
  • How his actions demonstrated responsibility, and
  • That I admire when he acts in a responsible manner.

When you point out when your child has done something right, your child will most likely remember that lesson and do the right thing again in the future.

What are some ideas you have for helping your child learn through affirmation?


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