Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | August 24, 2009

Imagination strikes again

Regularly I hear phrases like this coming out of my son’s mouth:

“Tend you say this…”

“Tend that you can do this…”

“Tend that I…”

Tend is the fast way to say Pretend as the kids build on an imaginative story or game. I love listening to the use of this word as they get so caught up in a story they’re building together.

Are there special phrases or words that your child says?

My suggestion is to write those down somewhere before you forget about them.

Kids say so many funny and sweet things that it is easy to forget them over time.

One way I’ve tried to preserve their funny and amusing stories and phrases is by keeping a journal for each of my kids. In their journal I have written down stories about them since they were born. It is fun to take out the journal and read memories about their infancy, toddler-hood, and beyond.

What other ways can you capture your favorite stories about your kids?


  1. I heard a comment the other day that I thought was pretty cool–for some reason this blog made me think of it–
    God never says ooops!

  2. Anna still says “Attend” for pretend!

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