Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | October 5, 2009

The “unreachables”

Have you ever met someone who was so filled with anger and resentment that they seemed “unreachable”? Perhaps they refused to talk, engage, or respond…or perhaps they chose to wallow in their distress and not be open to you.

I remember having lunch with someone who complained about life so much that when I finished eating lunch, I was literally drained of energy. For every positive suggestion I made, she would beat it down with pessimism. She was unreachable at that moment, and I needed to let go.

Ultimately, when you feel that someone is an “unreachable”, that may be true to a degree. At least, he or she may be unreachable for you. But no one is unreachable to God.

Matthew 26: 39b says, “Not as I will, but as you will.” Often we get caught up in a situation, trying our human-best to make something happen according to what we want. But we are only human, and sometimes the seemingly unreachable person can only be reached by God and His intervention.

So what can I do when a person seems unreachable? How can I help them?

  • Stay optimistic: Let God be in charge, and remember that nothing is too difficult for Him. God can reach the person that you can’t seem to.
  • Be faithful: Ask God for His help. Knowing that you can not reach this person on your own, ask Him to intercede on your behalf. Ask Him to touch the “unreachable” person in his or her heart.
  • Don’t give up: Although you might need to “step back” from trying for a bit, keep the person in your prayers regularly.

What else do you suggest?


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