Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | October 8, 2009

The fun of anticipation

Often waiting for a fun event can be as exciting as the event itself…anticipation can be a time of high energy and excitement. Planning for a family vacation, preparing for Christmas day, dreaming about a birthday party; these are all times when a person can spend time in anticipation.

One fun way to help your children be a part of the “fun” of anticipation is to make a paper chain for them. Count the number of days between now and the exciting event you are all waiting for, and make one piece of paper chain for each day. Connect the chain pieces together, and then hang them from the ceiling of your child’s room.

When we do this, we always take off one chain piece each night right before bed. As the chain gets shorter, your children can see that the exciting day is getting close…even if your child can’t count the pieces of chain left yet, they can still understand that the chain is getting smaller.

We’ve used this for Christmas day, family vacations, and other fun events. It makes looking forward to a special time something we can all anticipate together.

In what ways have you helped your family anticipate a fun event? What ideas do you want to share?



  1. We always made a chain for our vacations but put it on our front door. The kids would take a link off of the chain in the mornings. This was very helpful in getting them out of bed especially during the school year 🙂 They would take off a link on their way out the door before school.

  2. A fun way to get sleepy heads out of bed! 🙂

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