Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | October 12, 2009

Fun Autumn activities

I have always loved the Fall…I love so many things about it:

  • New beginnings (school, activities, etc.)
  • Autumn colors in the trees
  • Crisp air
  • The sounds of leaves as they skip along the sidewalks

There are also a lot of fun things you can do with your family in the Fall.

Here are a few ideas for activities:

  • Rake up a pile of leaves and jump in the pile with your kids. It is great fun, and also a fantastic time to take cute pictures of your kids as they swoop leaves in the air.
  • Make foods that have Fall season favorites in them: applesauce, squash, pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, etc. Let your kids help you make the food and then of course help you eat the food!
  • Decorate or carve pumpkins…this is always a favorite at our house.
  • Bake pumpkin seeds…there are always good recipes and suggestions at
  • Take walks and look for fall-specific favorites: leaves of all different colors, acorns, etc.
  • Point out the beauty of the fall as you drive together.
  • Let your kids collect leaves outside and then place them into a bowl at the center of your table for decoration.
  • Make pictures of pumpkin-heads out of black, yellow, and orange construction paper with your kids. Put them up on your windows to decorate and give them out to your family as “Fall gifts”.

What other ideas do you have for Fall fun?



  1. Don’t forget the old classics of:

    1) finding leaves and then ironing them flat (I don’t remember how to do this, but I believe a relatively warm iron and wax paper may have been involved — don’t try this at home without doing some research!)

    2) putting leaves under a piece of paper and rubbing the side of a crayon over it to get the image of the leaf on the page!

  2. Apple picking is something I never did as a kid that I LOVE doing with my kids now. I even found a new orchard that is my new favorite from talking it up with friends. ANd then we were able to do do up point 2 – applesauce, apple pie, apple waffles/pancakes and apple cider syrup is my fav. Found these recipes at Betty Crocker websites.

  3. Great suggestions JV and Darcy! Thanks!

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