Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | October 15, 2009

Alone time

With the start of the school year, a new need has arisen in our house; a need for “alone time”. When kids are at school, they are interacting with teachers and other students constantly. Their time is not their own on school days; but is instead determined by schedules and classroom work, and then often by homework too.

Because of that switch from the calmer and less structured days of summer, I have heard the words “I need to be alone for a while” from my kids a lot lately.

Everyone needs to have time alone to think, regroup, and in the case of my kids, just to be kids for a while; riding a bike, reading a book, playing with toys, drawing a picture. Whatever helps you to get your energy renewed and your mind clear of clutter.

Being able to spend time alone is important for people. If a child is able to play on his own while I’m right nearby, he is learning that alone time can be fun. He is learning that he does not have to be constantly entertained by other people, the television, or other things. Learning to be alone is an important skill.

Now that school is in full swing it is important to help your child get this time alone. Sometimes they won’t request it like mine have been doing lately, and so it may be that you will need to watch for signs that they need some quiet time.

What do you think?



  1. This is a very good point! My kids don’t ask for alone time very often, but I bet they need it more than I realize.

    I do try to limit after school activities and just let them free play – that definitely helps them wind down.

    I may try the alone time, especially when they seem to need a break from each other – and from too much activity.

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