Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | October 29, 2009

Cool little things

Today when I looked at our back door, I counted 17 ladybugs crawling on it. I looked at all of the windows on the back of our house, and there were ladybugs on all of them. They were everywhere!

They’re little red bodies seemed to match the beauty of the colors of fall that were on the trees, bushes, and ground.

I have no idea what purpose ladybugs serve…anyone want to share on this one?

But regardless of that, I have always found them fascinating and beautiful. Each fall I look forward to the week when they arrive in large numbers and decorate the back of our home.

They are just the coolest little things…



  1. Seriously? You don’t know what ladybugs are for? jeesh! Go to the library & get Eric Carle’s book The Grouchy Ladybug–it will get you started & it will be fun to read to your kids…love (& teasing)…your big sis

    • Eric Carle book’s are awesome!

  2. I always associate them with good luck. If I saw a lady bug during track practice or a meet it would take the edge off of my nerves. Very scientific….

    • Right…like a Shamrock, or a rainbow!

  3. They serve as a natural insect control. I think they eat aphids…you can order them by the 1000’s from natural garden supply companies. In case you need any more. They’ll be going into hibernation soon.

    • Thanks for the info JV!

  4. So, my neighbors get a basketball size grouping in the corner of the living room every year at this time. We have been finding them in our house, just a few at a time but Em catches them and puts them outside.

  5. You weren’t supposd to tell her Jonathan–you are supposed to say “Look it up” hee hee

  6. I learned in my son’s 1st grade class this year that most of the insects you are seeing are not technically “ladybugs”.

    His teacher said that were a European version, a beetle of some sort. They were imported, as Jonathan said, to fight aphids.

    To tell the difference, ladybugs only have ~3 dots on them. The European beetles have a lot more and may be more orange than red.

    Now, I don’t know if all my info is correct – but the teacher seemed pretty sure in what she was teaching them.

    They were swarming the doors and ceilings of the classrooms in PA. But they are pretty!

    • Very informative! I’m glad you paid attention! 🙂

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