Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | November 2, 2009


One of our basic human needs is connection with others. We were created to desire connections.

During this season of illness that has spread across the country, many people are choosing to stay home and away from others when they have cold and flu symptoms. When you are home alone for days on end with an illness, besides feeling sick, you might also miss connecting with others.

Some ways to “stay connected” without putting others at risk of getting whatever cold or flu you may have are to:

  • Call family and friends on the phone
  • Email friends and family
  • Make cards to give others in the future (once the cards are germ-free!)
  • Brainstorm ideas for holiday gifts that you’ll make or give others when you’re feeling better
  • Read a book about a great family, such as Little Women, or any Jane Austen novel
  • Go online
  • Pray and connect with God
  • Pray for others

What other ideas do you have?



  1. A friend of mine used to keep connections between her kids and a traveling dad with a taperecorder on her kitchen counter…when the kids came home to talk about the day, she would hit “record” and then dad could hear the everyday chatter too! This would work nicely for someone who was deployed as well. (I know, you were talking about sick but I went with connections)

    • Great idea!

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