Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | November 12, 2009

Suggestions for Visual learners

In a continued effort to write about the three learning styles, this blog focuses on the Visual learner.

If you think that your child is a Visual learner, here are some ways to help him or her learn:

  • Keep the area where your child is learning free of clutter, since that can be a distraction to a visual learner.
  • When possible, see if your child can sit in the front of the room, and away from wall maps, bulletin boards, and other visuals that can be distracting for this type of learner.
  • Help your child to use imagery and written repetition for memorization.
  • Let your child write down words, pictures, and notes as you are talking about or studying about a topic. Even if your child never looks at what he or she wrote again, because they drew it originally it helped them to visualize the learning process.
  • Draw maps or charts to help them to learn concepts.
  • Let them have lots of time to write out their thoughts when they are trying to solve a problem.
  • Help your child learn to draw out their answers to essay questions before trying to write the answer in verbal form.

I will write ideas for the third type of learner in a future post.


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