Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | November 19, 2009

Specific ideas for Auditory learners

One of my blog readers requested that I give some examples for the three types of learners that include more detail.  The next two posts will focus on Auditory learners.

If your child likes to learn from verbal instructions, he or she may be an auditory learner. 

Keep the room quiet

Any noises will distract an auditory learner. For this type of learner you’ll want to pay attention to the noises that could distract your child as they are reading, studying, writing, or doing any learning. Some suggestions for how to do this include:

  • Turn off the television and radio
  • Have your child learn in a room that doesn’t have a lot of constant noises, such as a ticking clock, running dishwasher, ringing phone, and barking dog.
  • Don’t make or take phone calls while you are in the same room as your child. If you must be on the phone, go to a different room and speak quieter.
  • Don’t interrupt your child with questions or comments about other things that have nothing to do with their homework. I struggled with this for a while. I hadn’t seen my son all day and was excited to share news with him. Sometimes I shared information while he was doing his homework and he would get distracted.
  • If a child is doing homework in one room, and his or her sibling is not doing homework, put them in different rooms. Ask the sibling who is not doing homework at that time to play in another room, or have your child that is doing homework go to a different room. At our house, I often tell the child who does not have homework to play in one of two different rooms. It gives him a choice of two rooms to play in, while also keeping him from distracting his sibling.
  • Locate learning away from doors or windows that may let noises in from outside. Kids’ voices, dogs barking, cars driving past and beeping; these can all be easy distractions from outside a window for your auditory learner.

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