Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | November 30, 2009

Specific ideas for Visual learners

If your child likes learning by watching demonstrations he or she may be a visual learner. Below are some specific examples that you can try to help your visual learner.

Pay attention to visual distractions in the room

  • Clutter of any kind can distract your visual learner. Visual disorder is very distracting for this type of learner. I often remove items from my child’s workspace so his only focus is on the learning materials in front of him. When I leave some of my papers or items out on the counter where he is working, he stops to pick them up, look them over, and ask me about them. He looks at whatever is near him that is not his homework. Rather than having to tell him to focus fourteen times, it’s easier to move those things out of his range of vision.
  • Turn off the television and remove any toys or computer games from your child’s eyesight. These tempting distractions can really bother a visual learner. Movement is an easy distraction for visual learners.
  • Poor handwriting can be a distraction for the visual learner who likes content to be orderly. When writing out information, write slowly so that your handwriting is neat and more appealing to their learning style. This is not an easy one for me, since I have terrible handwriting! 🙂



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