Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | December 3, 2009

More specific ideas for Visual learners

The ideas for Auditory learners continue from the last post…

Take advantage of visuals when possible

  • Allow time for your child to stare into space while learning. Visual learners like to imagine what they are learning, putting the image into a picture in their mind.
  • Use pictures to assist with your child’s learning. For example, draw a map or diagram of a concept while your child is learning about it. Encourage your child to draw out concepts while they learn.
  • Let your child write down information as they are learning. It will help them to remember the content because they have seen it. Note-taking is a great tool for visual learners. Some visual learners will take notes during a class and never need to look at the actual notes again, because when they wrote it out in the class, the information went directly into their memory. It wasn’t hearing the information that helped them remember it, it was seeing what they had written.
  • People talking or music playing in the background can be a distraction. This type of learner can focus better in a quiet place. This is not as much of an issue as it is with an auditory learner, but it can still be a distraction for a visual learner as well. Music can be a distraction because people can often associate a certain song with a picture from a movie where the music was used. Also, a visual learner might imagine the words of songs or the instruments being used, and stop focusing on the original content they were learning.
  • Use neat and organized materials for the learner. Disorganized or disheveled looking materials are a distraction for this type of learner. I remember watching someone do a work presentation and I was almost annoyed when he gave out a hand drawn diagram rather than one designed on a computer. It didn’t look professional or neat to me and it distracted me for a moment during my learning experience. I was an adult when this happened, but the same type of distractions can happen for children who are visual learners.

I’ll continue with more information on Visual learners soon.


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