Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | December 28, 2009

Daily Connection

Recently, I attended a women’s retreat through our church. During the retreat, one discussion included ideas for how to connect to God’s word daily. There were some great ideas shared, and after the retreat other ideas came to me as well. Here is what I can remember from my friends responses to this important question, “What are some ways I can connect to God daily?”:

  • Listen to a Christian station via a radio or the internet. In our area, WDCX has a nice variety of skilled preachers with daily messages, current events coverage with a Christian perspective, contemporary Christian music, and other topics.
  • Read a calendar or book with daily bible verses on it. One book I was recently given as a gift has a bible verse, and one small comment relating that verse to daily life on each page. The book is by Beth Moore and is called “A quick word with Beth Moore; Scriptures and Quotations from Praying God’s Word”
  • Check out websites with Christian support on them, such as:
  • Listen to Christian music. During the Christmas season I love to listen to copies of previous Christmas Vespers concerts I’ve sung in. During other times of the year, I like to listen to artists such as Amy Grant, Chris Tomlin, etc.
  • Find a bible verse that touches your heart in some way, and spend each day of the week practicing it to memorize it, thinking about how it relates to your own life, and thanking God for giving the message of the bible to you.
  • Find a place to be still each day. Spend part of the time praying, and part of the time simply listening. The worries on your heart may not seem as heavy after you are done as they were before you started.

What other suggestions do you have?



  1. My fav local station is Family Life Network. ( They broadcast at 88.3, 95.7 and 104.7 locally, or online. In fact, they have also started a new online feeds that play praise & worship, or modern rock. Love how they do what they do!

    • Thanks Darcy!

  2. I stretch or workout (followed by stretching) every day. During my stretching routine, I engage in a series of prayers. It’s a great way to start the day, and to build it in. It’s so regimented, that whenever I start stretching, I automatically start praying!

    Also, the proper way to wash hands is to rub your hands with soap for 20-30 seconds, about the same amount of time to sing the “ABC” song. I’ve switched to a prayer that takes about the same amount of time to recite in my head. 23rd Psalm also works nicely!

    • Very cool way to make it happen every day.

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