Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | March 25, 2010

More time savers

Here are a few more time savers…

Create a grocery list throughout the week

Rather than writing out my grocery store needs just before shopping, I write them down on a list as soon as I notice that I’ve run out of something throughout the week. This helps me to not forget about what I’ve run out of.

Tape your coupons to your grocery list as you find ones you’ll use

I often tape coupons I have right to my grocer list so that I remember to bring the coupons to the store. Before I tried this trick, I was constantly forgetting my coupons and therefore losing on savings those coupons gave me.

Night before decision making

Have your kids pick out their clothes the night before so they don’t spend time doing it in the morning. Instead of spending time arguing with them over what they will wear, the decision was already made the night before. You can pick out your clothes ahead as well, and save yourself time in the morning.

What other time saver ideas do you have?



  1. make yourself a generic grocery list of things you frequently buy (for bonus points, list them in the order they’re located in your grocery)and save it on your computer. print out a copy and tape that to your fridge
    now you only have to check “milk” “bread” etc and write non- standard items
    saves a bit of time every week, which adds up and also helps mke sure that you remember your regular items( and not having to remember also saves you time)

    This also works with packing lists if you regularly travel or go places with a baby or small child


    • I also do this…(grocery list on computer). I actually have it set up by aisle which is a litte anal but it makes shopping quick and easy.

      • I love the “by the aisle” idea…especially since there are some aisles I skip altogether!

  2. the”by the aisle” or at least “by section”(meat, dairy,etc) isn’t anal when you consider that it saves you time going back to pickup additional items
    You work your time saver mojo!


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