Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | March 29, 2010

The Point…

Often when writing or editing something, this question comes to mind: “What’s my main point?”

When you are writing, it helps the reader if your point is clear. The reader can then more easily follow you if you change gears or switch topics, as long as you continue to thread through the main point.

While writing my book, I often had to remember to focus each chapter on the question: “What’s my main point for this chapter?”

When you pull that question out of the context of writing only, the question can become much broader. You could ask yourself: “What’s my main point in life?”

To me, this question also sounds like: “What is the purpose that God created me for?”

The answer to this question can sometimes seem so complex, and other times it can seem so simple.

My next post will continue with this concept: “What is the purpose that God created me for?”



  1. A great topic! I’m a big fan of Rick Warren’s “A Purpose Driven Life” to help address this question. Perhaps you can help in less than 40 days!

    • Yes…I’ve enjoyed that book too! I’m not making any promises on the number of days however! 🙂

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