Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | May 17, 2010

Physical shape

Continuing with the ideas from the last post, let’s focus on the first “Tip top shape”, physical.

Regardless of the exercise you are doing, there are ways you can connect to God while getting into physical shape. Here are some examples:

  • Before you begin to exercise, pray to God for help as you try to stay or become more healthy by exercising
  • Before you begin to exercise, read bible verses that talk about the health of the body. There are many that you could look, but here are a couple of samples
  • While exercising outdoors, thank God for the things you see, hear, and feel that he created…the sky, the birds, the wind, etc.
  • While exercising indoors, listen to worship music.
  • After exercising, thank God for your ability to accomplish what you did that day, and ask for His strength as you continue to exercise in the future.

Why not take advantage of the time when you are building the endurance and strength of your body to also build your relationship with Your Heavenly Father?


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