Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | July 15, 2010

Doubt versus faith Part 2: The feeling of faith

In my last post I wrote about the concept of feelings and belief, and how they don’t always have to connect.

I have known about Jesus since I was born. Hearing God’s Word was always a part of my life.

However, I know many people who never heard about Jesus as a child, and never came to know Him until they were adults. They can remember and sense the difference in their lives from the moment they asked Jesus into their hearts. They tell me that their lives changed forever after that. When God wasn’t part of their lives, they felt one way, and now that God was in their life, they felt the difference. They could clearly remember a moment when they felt God in their lives. It was like a light switch had been turned on in their hearts.

As someone who has never had an experience like that, I often have a different sense of feeling about God. Because of learning about Jesus from the time that I was small, I never had a moment where a “light switch” came on. Instead, I had many small “still” moments; moments when I could feel God with me more than other moments.

For me, rather than one big “light switch”, I’ve felt God’s presence like the opening of a curtain. Each new understanding I have seems to open another curtain, and I have this feeling of, “Oh, I get it,” where maybe before I didn’t “get it”.

In our Vacation Bible School program, we talk about these moments as “God sightings”, moments when God’s hand is easy to see in a situation.

Whether you had Jesus in your life from the time that you were small, or you just let Him in recently, God is with you even in those moments when you don’t have a strong sense of feeling. He is with you all the time. And even when you don’t have a strong feeling, you can still believe in Him.

The next post will continue with this concept.


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