Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | August 12, 2010

Buffalo’s biggest fan

What do you love about Buffalo? I can name a lot of things I love about it…the Niagara River, the friendly neighbors, the weather in summer, the weather in fall, etc.

A magazine I’ve enjoyed recently, Thrive! Magazine, claims to be Buffalo’s biggest fan. When I looked through their pages I could definitely see why they can make this claim.

Thrive! Magazine is chock full of information about cool things happening in the Buffalo area. Their articles range from sharing about entrepreneurs who are making an impact around the world, to politics, to must see getaways in Western New York.

The May/June issue of Thrive! had a powerful article titled Human Trafficking about a horrendous crime that is happening in our own neighborhoods. This eye opening article is just one of the many difficult issues this magazine has tackled with solid journalism.

On the About page on their website, they describe the magazine’s vision:

THRIVE! Media Group was founded in 2007 by Kyle and Julianna Patterson with the launch of THRIVE! Magazine, a values based magazine focusing on local grassroots efforts in service, social justice, giving, arts, business, faith and culture offering relevant solutions to urban issues including injustice, violence, poverty, economic depression, and crime.

In the month of August Thrive! is offering a free trial issue. To find out more, you can go to their website at:

You can also find copies of Thrive! at Wegmans, Dash’s Market, Barnes & Noble, Tops, Life Resources Christian Bookstore, Buffalo Christian Center, and Bender’s Parable Christian Store.

Enjoy the read!


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