Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | April 26, 2011

Prayer Musings

Annie McCune, the  National Day of Prayer Coordinator for Western New York, continues as a guest blog writer for today’s post where she shares about her personal journey with prayer.

Prayer Musings by Annie McCune

Prayer for me is talking with God, my loving heavenly father, on a constant intimate basis. I remember “discussing things” with God from the time I was in Kindergarten. I remember being taught some wonderful prayers at Catholic school and in church, but I always first asked God to hear the prayers I was about to pray, and to help me remember the “really good ones”. He did!

The more I learned about God, the more I wanted to walk and talk with Him. As a senior in high school, I came to a critical point in my relationship with God and prayer. I was reading a book called “Prayers” by Michel Quoist, a French priest, when I reached a chapter called “Help me to say Yes.” It was a prayer about being willing to say “Yes” to everything that God had in store for you…no holds barred.

I remember talking to God about this, and telling Him I was afraid to say “yes” for fear of being a hypocrite. I had just been accepted into an Ivy League college, and I remember telling Him I knew that one day I wanted to say yes wholeheartedly, but for now all I could give him was a “Maybe….and please ask me again in a few years.”

I started my freshman year at college, and got pretty immersed in the ungodly culture surrounding me. I was having lots of fun, but noticed my intimacy with God slipping away. I began to reap the consequences. In His mercy, God allowed me to get so sick from mononucleosis that I had to drop out in the middle of spring term. I spent several months in bed rethinking my choices, and asking God to help me. When I returned to campus I met several committed Christians who had given God their full “Yes,” and were experiencing more joy and miracles than I knew was possible. By the fall of my sophomore year I had given God my full “Yes” also. That was over 35 years ago. My life since then has been an incredible adventure! God has been my Father, the Holy Spirit my Companion, and Jesus the giver, the one by whom we receive when we ask in His Name (John 16:24).

As I have prayed and related to God, He has given me peace in the midst of storms, created order out of chaos, and turned my mourning into dancing. I have seen real miracles in response to prayer: Cancers healed, prodigals returned, closed doors opened. Nothing has been too small or insignificant to discuss with my heavenly Father, nothing too big to ask for. And as I have listened to God’s heart, He has shared his compassion for the world, and given me some wonderful opportunities to partner with Him in His work.

Prayer is a privilege, a gift, and an ever present opportunity to commune with God most High. I regret the years that I asked God to put me “on hold.” The “Yes” was the best prayer I ever prayed. Go ahead…just start…God is listening and He speaks too!

To find out more about the National Day of Prayer, you can visit:


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