Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | May 24, 2011

Watching for the return

Each spring our family watches for the Redheaded Woodpecker who typically lives near our home. He is one of the most intriguing kinds of birds, and his distinct noise as he pecks bugs from the trees is hard to miss.

This is just one of the parts of spring to watch for, just one of the joys of spring that we look for expectantly.

Every day there is also another wondrous joy to watch for. In Micah 7:7, we’re told, “But as for me, I will watch expectantly for the Lord. I will wait for the God of my salvation.” This return that we watch for is more exciting and more wondrous than any other.

Are you waiting for anything today? Are you expectant for Jesus?



  1. Hi! … good one today. Simple and thoughtful! Sorry I havn’t been very communicative lately. We’ve been so swamped.. good for business, bad for social life, lol .. Anyway maybe we can get together sometime soon, and then I can have a business mind break. Hope things are good for you!


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