Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | July 5, 2011

Gardens: Our role

Genesis 2:15  “The Lord God put man in the Garden of Eden to take care of it and look after it.”

What an incredible honor it was for Adam to be given the job of caretaker for the Garden of Eden. This job was a true gift. Just as the Garden of Eden was a gift from God, the gardens we cultivate, observe, and benefit from are also gifts from God.

Gardens take attention and hard work. We may have sore muscles from pulling weeds, but the benefits are wonderful.

Do you ever stop to think about how God put us on earth to be caretakers? We are the ones to care for animals, plants, each other. We are the ones to care for God’s gifts.

What other gifts did the Lord give you to be caretaker of? Are you using those gifts? Are you toiling in the garden of life for God?

In my next post I’ll continue with another part of the Garden of Eden.


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