Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | July 12, 2011

Gardens: Intimacy with God

One of the parts of Genesis that intrigues me are the simple words “the Lord God walking in the garden.” In Genesis 3:8, it says, “Late in the afternoon a breeze began to blow, and the man and woman heard the Lord God walking in the garden.”

Most of the time when we read this section of scripture, we continue on with the reading and focus on the first time man and woman had sinned, and the consequences of those sins.

But I want to stop at that verse and just think about it. They heard God actually “walking in the garden”! If I heard God walking in my garden I would feel many emotions, some of which might include surprise, awe, and humility. But when I think about this verse, it makes me imagine that Adam and Eve had heard God walking in the garden before, when they had not yet sinned. And for them, walking in the garden with God must have been a natural and easy thing. Wouldn’t that be cool, to walk with God in the garden and for it to be the most natural thing in the world?

Prayer is the way I feel closest to God in my life. This can bring a closeness with Him. Adam and Eve must have loved the gift of intimacy with God, of walking and talking with Him right there in the Garden of Eden.

In my next post I’ll move on to a different way gardens are referred to in scripture.


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