Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | July 19, 2011

Gardens: Love

In Song of Solomon, both Solomon and his bride use garden imagery to describe each other and their attraction and love for each other.

In Song of Solomon 4:12, Solomon says to his Shulammite bride, “My bride, my very own, you are a garden, a fountain closed off to all others.”

In Song of Solomon 5:13, his Shulammite bride responds to him, and includes this in what she says about Solomon, “His face is a garden of sweet-smelling spices; his lips are lilies dripping with perfume.”

They say a lot of other beautiful things to each other in Song of Solomon, and it is a very interesting read to be sure! But the garden language struck me as I was researching references to gardens in the bible.

Would you ever talk to someone you loved about how they were a garden? Check out Song of Solomon for some love language, and don’t miss the references to gardens!

In my next post I’ll move onto garden imagery being used in prophesies.

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