Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | September 6, 2011

Ways to pray – Idea #1

List of people to pray for

One idea I’ve used often is writing down a list of people in my life that I know have special needs at that time in their life. I also might include people I don’t know personally, but who have a need that I’m aware of (such as a friend’s ailing parent that I’ve never met, or a politician who will be making an important decision for our country). I’ll think of people who are suffering in their health or spirit.

After I’ve made the list, I’ll hold the list in my hand while I talk to God about each individual. When I come to a person’s name, I’ll picture his or her face and will talk to God about his or her needs, and will ask Him to help that person.

I enjoy this type of prayer style because it helps me to stop and consider others and how God can bless them.

I’ll continue with idea #2 in my next post.


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