Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | September 27, 2011

Ways to pray – Idea #4

Spontaneous prayer

One way to pray is what I refer to as a “Flash prayer”. This is a quick, spontaneous prayer that happens randomly throughout the day.

For example, if you are walking toward a co-worker with whom you have a lot of conflict, in your mind you could pray, “Dear Lord, please help me to be patient and show Your love with my words and actions.”

The idea is that God is listening all of the time, even during quick requests or praises or thoughts of thanks that we can say to Him at various times throughout the day.

Recently, after a car pulled in front of me very closely on the highway, and somehow my car did not get hit, I remember praying, “Thank you Jesus, for protecting me from that car”. It was a quick flash prayer of thanksgiving.

What I love about “flash prayers” is that they are spontaneous and can be numerous, almost like a running conversation with God.

I’ll continue with idea #5 in my next post.



  1. Great entry Cathi! I do this too, but never heard anyone talk about it like you just did – let alone put a catchy name on it!

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