Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | October 11, 2011

Ways to pray – Idea #6

Do you ever wonder if God answers you prayers? One way to pray can give you insight into this question. You can use a prayer journal. Instead of simply saying a prayer, you can write it down in a journal. As you document your prayers, you can include any worries, hopes, or dreams that you talk to God about. And you can also go back in your journal and reread it. You can look back in time and consider the many ways that God has answered your prayers.

You might be amazed at how often you can see God’s answers to your prayers. Writing down your prayers in a journal can be a personal way for you to connect with God; almost like a diary and yet an opportunity to connect with God through writing.

I have not tried this style personally, but know of a person who does and loves how her journal connects her with God through her prayers. I love this idea as a writer myself, and often find that my blog posts serve as a sort of journal for me.

I hope that this series on different ways to pray has given you ideas for your prayer life. These are not the only ways to pray, but simply a few ways I thought I’d share. What other ways do you like to pray?


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