Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | May 8, 2012

Baby shower gift ideas (creative gifts)

If you like to bring creative gifts to baby showers, here are a few ideas:

Make a Diaper cake for the mommy-to-be

  • You can make a cake out of diapers and onesies. You put diapers into rolls and make a layered “cake”. Put a cute little stuffed animal or rubber duckie on top. This could even be used as a centerpiece for the shower, and then the mommy-to-be takes it home.

Fun to open

  • Another idea is to attach baby clothes with baby pins to a clothes line. Put them into a nice white wicker hamper. The expectant mother can then pull the line out of the hamper with the clothes attached.

What other creative baby shower gifts have you seen?

In my next post I’ll list more ideas for baby shower gifts.



  1. I like the idea of wrapping the gift in a photo box, so Mom can store photos or any other memorabilia in it after the baby is born.

  2. Baby clothes that are light in colors are always the best for babies. .

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