Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | May 22, 2012

Baby shower gift ideas (practical gifts)

I asked moms to share what their favorite gifts from their baby showers were, and many of them told me about practical gifts. Here is what they said:

  • “My favorite and most used gift was a 64 oz formula pitcher.”
  • “A rubber bib.”
  • “A vaporizer…so grateful to have one the first time I needed it!”
  • “I loved my Boppy for breast feeding and to help the babies sit up when they couldn’t do it themselves. Also, the little clips that attach one end to the pacifier and the other end to the baby’s clothes.”
  • “I did like having a car seat blanket with the holes cut out for the straps. Also, I liked the thicker heavy duty flannel type material that was cut to the size of the changing pad. Having several made it easy and quick to change.”
  • “As a mom I loved gift cards and I like to give them too. I received a ton at my shower and used some of them to purchase items not received at the showers but continued to use them to buy diapers, formula, etc. for months later.”
  • “The best gift I received was my baby carrier. I loved having my little ones close so often.”
  • “An ointment that basically cured all the little skin ailments – baby acne, dry skin, little abrasions etc., dry scalp, etc.”

What other practical baby shower gifts do you like?

In my next post I’ll list ideas for the mommy-to-be.



  1. A food processor. I used it for baby food, and we still use it today!

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