Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | June 5, 2012

Baby shower gift ideas (toys for baby)

Here are some responses mom’s gave me of their favorite baby toys they received at their baby showers:

  • “A great toy was a playmat with a toy mobile. When he was a brand new baby he could lay on it instead of on the floor, and he could watch the colors and toys move. When he was months older he could reach out and try to play with the toys that hug above him.”
  • “My favorite gift was one of his toys that he got. It was a gum ball machine that he still plays with and has loved it since he was 6 months old.”
  • “Someone gave me painted letters of my child’s name, which was totally cute.”
  • “Colorful teething rings. We even had one that could be put into the refrigerator so that the coolness of the ring would soothe our son’s gums when he was teething.

Are there certain toys that you loved when you were a parent-to-be?

This is the last post in this blog series on baby shower ideas.  Thank you for joining me for this series!


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