Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | September 5, 2012

A better kind of rest

This post is part of a blog series on bible verses that give us inspiration and comfort.  Thank you for visiting!

A bible verse that comforts me:

Exodus 33:14

What I love about this verse:

I am reminded that God is with me all the time, and that I can find rest in Him.

This verse connects to current, daily life by:

Life is exhausting! We are pulled in all directions regularly; people who want something from us, commitments we make to work and family; decisions that are difficult; people who are unhappy with something and let us know about it, etc. By the end of a difficult day, laying down to rest is desparately needed for our health. When we try to take on the world alone, we fail. It is just too much. But when we go to God, and remember that He is with us in good times and in difficult times, He offers us a better rest, a fuller rest, a rest for our minds and our souls. We can call out to Him at anytime, in anyplace, in any way, and He will hear us. I am so thankful for His constant presence. Even in the moments I forget about God, He never forgets about me.



  1. That’s the second time in two days that rest and God have come up in my life. I went to read the verse in context, and one thing I really love is that God loves us and finds favor with us and knows us by name *first*, and then shows us his ways.

    • Jaime,

      I love when “themes” happen like that! I’ve had that happen where I’ve heard a message about something, and then later a song about the same thing, and then a bible verse that connects it all…so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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