Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | May 2, 2013

Gospel according to Matthew

Welcome back to the Gospels “four” you blog series!  Today’s information was shared by guest writer, Sue Steege, and is on the Gospel according to Matthew.

Gospel name: Matthew

Who wrote this gospel and what was his relationship to Jesus/disciples?

  • Matthew, also known as Levi
  • Matthew was one of the 12 disciples.

What was significant about this particular author’s background?

  • Had been a tax collector before Jesus called him (Matthew 9:9)

When was this gospel written?

  • Around 50 AD

What is unique about this gospel book?

  • Matthew has the most complete account of Jesus’ teachings. If you have a “red letter” Bible (Jesus’ words in red), there are pages and pages of all red.
  • Matthew is concerned for the Jewish reader. At least 17 times he refers to Old Testament prophecies which have been fulfilled in Jesus.
  • It is the longest Gospel at 28 chapters.(Mark has 16 chapters, Luke has 24, John has 21).
  • The most important theme of Matthew’s Gospel is “The Kingdom of God”. Matthew mentions “the Kingdom of God” or “The Kingdom of Heaven” 48 times.
  • Matthew tells the story of Jesus birth from the perspective of Joseph.

What is similar between this gospel book and the others?

Matthew, Mark and Luke are called the “synoptic” (“same eyes”) Gospels because they tell the story of Jesus’ life from a similar perspective. Many parables, sermons, and miracles are told about in all three. 


  1. I’m really enjoying this series!

    • Me too! Sue is a wonderful teacher!

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