Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | May 15, 2013

Gospel according to Luke

Welcome back to the Gospels “four” you blog series!  Today’s information was shared by guest writer, Sue Steegeand is on the Gospel according to Luke.

Gospel name: Luke

Who wrote this gospel and what was his relationship to Jesus/disciples?

  • Luke
  • Luke was not one of the 12 disciples

What was significant about this particular author’s background and how it impacted his writing style?

  • Luke was a physician
  • He pays special attention to healing stories. He is also very calculated in documentation. He often mentions historical facts to nail Jesus’ story into history.

When was this gospel written?

  • Around 55 – 60 AD. Luke also wrote the Book of Acts. They are really Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the same story.

What is unique about this gospel book?

  • Where Matthew pays special attention to the Jewish audience, Luke wants the reader to know that Jesus came for ALL people, Jews and Gentiles.
  • There are some unique stories in Luke’s Gospel: The Prodigal Son (ch. 15), Zaccheus,(ch. 19); the Good Samaritan (ch. 10), Healing of the 10 lepers (ch. 17), etc.
  •  The birth of Jesus is told from the perspective of Mary (ch. 2) and is the most famous Christmas scripture
  • Luke pays special attention to prayer.
  • Luke outlines Jesus journey to Jerusalem very carefully.

What is similar between this gospel book and the others?

Matthew, Mark and Luke are called the “synoptic” (“same eyes”) Gospels because they tell the story of Jesus’ life from a similar perspective. Many parables, sermons, and miracles are told about in all three. 

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