Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | July 9, 2013

Give all glory to God

Cool Christian Blog of the week

Blog Name

God’s Odds

Cool quote found on this blog

“No wound heals quickly. No gash is mended by freshly born skin as swiftly as we all would like. Every scrape, cut, and burn scabs. And many times, we find ourselves frustrated when, in our anxious movement after the pain has subsided, we tear those scabs wide open again. In our haste, we are again exposed to the slicing pain we first felt. But given time, and care and patience, those wounds scab again and eventually scar. Allowing us to be sewn like new, but always leaving behind a mark of our misfortune. A reminder of the pain we endured. A reminder of the lessons we learned.”

Description of this blog is found here


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