Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | December 11, 2013


Change scares a lot of people. Some people gravitate to change while others flee from it. Then there are some of us who resist it at first and then eventually jump in for the ride. Change can make people feel like they are taking a risk, and risk-taking can be frightening. I don’t think our generation is unique to this though…people from biblical times struggled with change too.

Consider Peter, the disciple. When Jesus was arrested and Peter was approached about being one of Jesus’s disciples, he denied Jesus three times. Not just one time, but three times. It’s easy to understand that Peter denied Jesus out of fear. He knew that he could risk being arrested for simply being a disciple of Jesus, and one can only assume that he was terrified of that fate.

But that was before Jesus died, and then rose again from the dead three days later. After Jesus rose from the dead, Peter saw Jesus and Peter spoke with Jesus (John 21:1-19). After Jesus rose from the dead, Peter believed in Jesus as the Savior and he became bold rather than afraid. Peter became a messenger of the Word, and no longer a denier.

Here are some examples of times when Peter had changed from fear to a bold faith:

Acts 4:8-10

Acts 4:13

The change in Peter was from fear to total conviction. If Peter could change from being filled with fear and denying Jesus, to being a bold believer even when he knew he could be killed for his belief (which he was), he must have gotten that new strength from the Lord. He was changed in a way that grew his faith in Jesus, and made him a bold believer.

Even in biblical times, change occurred. Fear, risk, and bold faith existed then, just as they do now.


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