Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | May 1, 2014

Simple pleasures

One of the best things about watching children is seeing the delight in their faces over simple things, whether it’s their first encounter with a butterfly, a baby toy, or another child’s smile. Simple, satisfying, beautiful.

“This hot chocolate is the best ever!”

“Look at the color on that flower!”

“That cloud looks like a puppy!”

Simple, satisfying, beautiful…the enthusiasm of a small child, eyes filled with excitement, tiny fingers pointing with energy, smiles so big that their little cheeks puff out.

As an adult, I love these moments, cherishing how the child I’m with reminds me of the beauty God placed in this world for us all to see.

Thank you Lord, for the beauty You’ve created to share with us all. Help us to remember to stop and see it.


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