Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | August 19, 2014

God wants us to use our talents and strengths

Today’s post is part of a series on “How we can use God’s gifts”. This series is meant to be a reminder and a celebration of different people using their unique gifts for God’s glory.

The guest writer for today’s blog post is Amy Jo Lauber from Lauber Financial Planning. Amy’s blogs can be found at: 

LIFE: Live Inspired, Financially Empowered,

and The Reluctant Evangelist

What gift that God gave you have you had the opportunity to use to serve Him and/or others? 
I’d say my gift is communication, both in person (listening, speaking) and through my writing and social media. My abilities to communicate allows me to connect with people, and that, I believe, is a form of love.
How does it make you feel when you get to use your gift? 
I feel authentic and grateful when I use the gifts God gave to me; I feel like one of the many tools God uses to show His love and using my gifts allows me to repay some of what’s been given to me.
What are some examples of ways you’ve been able to use this gift? 
People, even strangers, have always told me things, have confided in me. This gift has allowed me to help people understand money and make good decisions with their resources.
Is there a Bible verse that comes to mind when you think about the gifts God gave you? 
“Cast your nets over the right side of the boat.” My parish priest had a sermon about this verse, explaining that God wants us to use our talents and strengths and be obedient to realize our greatest potential and success.
What ideas can you share for how others can use gifts like yours? 
Everyone has gifts to share with the world, to make it a better place, to show God’s love for us. Reading the Bible, spending time in prayer and also in quiet meditation can help one discover his/her gifts. Also, one may be mindful in his/her day-to-day activities to recognize what s/he excels at and how s/he may serve.
Any final thoughts on using our gifts to honor God and to serve others? 
It would be selfish not to share our gifts with the world.




  1. I am really enjoying this theme and the posts thus far! Sue Steege’s reached me in the middle of sacrificing 30 hours of time to teach religious education this summer. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with my paying job work requirements and that post really help reorient me and appreciate the opportunity I had to be with my religious education students!!

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