Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | November 11, 2014

Valued and loved

Recently I had the opportunity to share about a person who had had a great impact on my life.  Our assignment was to pick a person who had positively impacted us and to tell a story about how they had impacted our lives. Then we shared our story with one other person in the group.

There were several people who came to mind for me, and the one I chose to share about was my Dad. The story I shared was about Easter Sundays.

Every Easter Sunday when I was growing up, my mom, sisters and I would each open the refrigerator to find beautiful corsages. My dad would get them for us each year. We would each proudly wear our corsages to church, knowing that they were given to us with love.

It was a tradition. It was a special connection. It was just one of the many ways my dad would remind us that he valued us, loved us, cherished us.

It is an awesome thing to feel valued and loved. My dad showed my mom, my sisters and I that we were valued, and sharing the story about him was a wonderful memory of those sweet mornings of my childhood.

Who in your life has made a positive impact on you? Did they make you feel valued and loved? How can you do something to help others feel valued and loved?

Thanks, Dad, for that gift you gave us…



  1. My mother took time to tell me often that I would always be her daughter no matter where life took me, no matter what trouble I might get into, she would always cherish me and be proud to be my mother.

    Blessings to you…

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