Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | May 4, 2015

Smart things my parents did – Assigning Chores

Today’s post is part of the “Smart Things My Parents Did” blog series and is written by guest writer Tracy Bramwell. Thank you Tracy, for sharing this parenting gift with us! 

I grew up in the 60’s where it was very common for children to have chores. My parents were smart for requiring my sister and I to help out around the house. My jobs included drying the dishes (dishwashers were rare, back in the day), cleaning the bathroom, as well as being responsible for my room, and occasionally the kitchen floor (on my hands and knees, no mop) or dusting the furniture.

I think this was smart because I felt like part of the family. I was part of the household that cared for our home. We did get a small allowance but I think this makes sense. A family shares in the household income but also shares the chores. And yes, there were times when my sister & I complained about the housework!

I believe that self esteem comes from a person being part of something and from doing good work. It doesn’t come from someone telling you “you are special” and such things. I was proud of cleaning that bathroom! My mom trusted me that I could do this job. I knew I did a good job. I also wonder if, subconsciously, a person will not be as much of a slob if they know they will be cleaning that floor or room?

The Saturday chores had to be done before we could go out and play. All the families in my neighborhood had the same rule.

When I married, (at age 20) I was not intimidated by caring for my house. I knew what had to be done – some from watching my mom do all she did and some from doing those chores. Thanks, Mom!

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