Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | December 1, 2015

Why Christmas Presents?

Have you ever heard about where some of our Christmas traditions come from? So many have grown up celebrating Christmas as a day of presents but haven’t really understood where certain traditions come from. In the next two posts I’ll share two Christmas traditions and where they come from.

Presents Tradition

Where did the whole “presents” idea come from? Tradition says it came from the wise men. Three of them visited Jesus sometime in his first year or two of life. And when they brought their presents, they didn’t mess around. They didn’t look for Black Friday sales or wait for a good deal. They were coming to honor a king, and they brought gifts for a king: Gold, frankincense, and myrrh, which were all incredibly valuable.

This child they came to honor was in a family that was as poor as could be, and yet these wise men traveled for months to bring expensive gifts to the child. Why would they do that? In their time most people lived day by day simply trying to survive. Jesus was born into a country that was dominated by the Romans, and the people Jesus lived with were dominated by the Roman laws and taxes. He was as poor as possible, living with parents who had absolutely no political or influential power; yet, these wise men braved the dangers of travel and gave valuable gifts to honor him. Only God could be behind such strange and generous behavior for a tiny, poor Jewish baby who had nothing.

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