Posted by: Cathi Brese Doebler | September 7, 2017

A book that is bringing a mother and daughter closer together

Hi friends,

My sister and I asked some of the people who have read or been reading our new book Ditch the Mainstream: 52 Thought-Provokers on Discovering a Life of Contentment to write guest posts about what they think of the book or how they’ve used the book. The first one to respond with a guest post is below. It was written by Heide Edgington. I was so excited to hear about this creative and impactful way that Heide is using Ditch the Mainstream.

“I bought 2 books. One for me and one for my mom. We are close even though we live almost 500 miles apart. This book is bringing us closer because we’ve decided to do the studies together. We each do the study on our own and then twice a month we get on the phone expressly for the purpose of discussing the latest study. My regular conversations with my mom usually include my dad and husband too. But this is something special just between the two of us.

Thanks Cathi and Sandra!”

-Heide Edgington

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