Cathi Brese Doebler is passionate about inspiring greatness in the little things in life. She owns her own business providing training, performance consulting, meeting facilitation, and writing services. Starting her business when her children were born provided more flexibility and balance for her growing family.

In 2010, Cathi published Ditch the Joneses, Discover Your Family: How to Thrive on Less than Two Incomes! Later she released an e-book with the same title, which is available on iPads, Nook Color, and at Amazon. In addition, she released a Workbook on CD with additional information for her readers. Her book and Workbook on CD are available at her website and at

In 2017 Cathi co-authored a new book with her sister, titled Ditch the Mainstream: 52 Thought-Provokers on Discovering a Life of Contentment, a devotional with a twist!

To find out more, visit her website at:



  1. Hi Cathi!

    Just thought to drop you a note to say thanks for your posts on kinesthetic learners! Being an educator myself, I find them fantastic representations of real life. Great suggestions too! I’m currently doing a series of articles on learning styles; would you mind if I linked to your posts? Hope to hear from you! 🙂

    • Suzannah,

      That’s fine with me if you want to link to my posts. I’m glad they were helpful!


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